<< I'm a multi-instrumentalist and my passions are electric guitars and the creation of unique sounds.

I played my first note when I was nine years old. I broke my first guitar when I was nine years and one day.

I've been involved in Short movies, Documentaries, Theatre, Metal Bands intro/outro, Musical Drama and Commercials since 2003.

But I'm a player... so I've a fondness for video games music and in general for virtual world' soundscape.

I started playing Classical and Jazz in 1992 and I publish my Metal/Dark Ambient/Electronic works and my Cinematic compositions even today under aliases.

I'm based in Milan and my works are programmed/played and mixed in my Studio.


I deal with sci-fi, epic/fantasy, dramatic and horror/industrial atmospheres .


And uh, I'm a writer... if you can read italian, take a look to my books HERE>>



Headphones are the only devices that can transport you into the playing field and that can exclude everything else. This applies to video games and to music.

I use Binaural Panning in the Mixer: you can listen an mp3 sample in the player below. It works perfectly with headphones and this kind of sound post-processing allows you to accurately hear the sounds even from stereo speakers.

For music, things don't change. The musical experience of a video game should not be compared to a live show or to a normal song. I believe that it does not matter if the violins play in a certain "spot" or another, I believe that the protagonist is the emotion itself.

To create music in 3D gives the possibility to mix multiple sounds and to create a more immersive soundscape. Here is an elementary and quick sample of twelve instruments:





















SURNAME: Morghuer
ORIGIN: Milan, Italy
music background